Monday, 21 September 2009


Strange day today!
No2 son is at school all day, starting today.
They have eased us in gently by just starting
with half days but the moment has come
for school to start proper!
So many different thoughts and emotions....
Have I done enough?
Have we had as much fun as we should have?
Have we been enough places and made
enough mess?
Who am I now I don't have children at home
all day?
But also.....
How quickly can I sort my craft room so I can play?
How nice to be able to organise No2 birthday party
for Friday without late nights!
This might take some getting used to!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Our Summer (Part 3)

The boys (and yes, I am including my husband!) love Warwick Castle!

What's not to love?

What boy doesn't love the spectacle of real knights and fighting!

Of course, nothing beats having a go yourself!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Our Summer (Part 2)

**If your mother's name is Monica, please look away now!
I promised not to tell you this!!!!!**

The boys have a new favourite place!

I'm quite keen as well - we got annual passes for
nothing more than a few Tesco vouchers!
We spent two very happy but tiring days near Windsor.
The boys want to go back soon.
The only downside?
Since our visit my house has looked like this!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Our Summer (Part 1)

Thought you might be wondering where we've
been? Sorry about that! Those that know me
really well, know that my brain goes to
mush in the summer hols and any routines or 'to do'
lists get completely forgotten!
Basically, I become completely useless!

So, what have we been up to so far?

There have been way too many wet days!
But it gives the boys an opportunity to cover my
carpet with all the little things boys like to collect!
And to get out all the puzzles and games!

Can you tell how happy that makes me??!!

Fortunately, there have been sunny days at home as well!
Which have enabled the games - and the bits - to go outside!

Just in case you're worried, there have been away-days, too!

We have checked out the local museum!
Where the boys saw the big versions of their playthings.....

Pretended to be Romans...

And saw a slightly too realistic display about the Colosseum!

I like to start the summer hols slowly - we all appreciate some
'not doing too much' days after the buzz at the end of
the school term.

We've done much more exciting 'away-days' as well - stay turned over the next few days!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Something to make you smile.....

You must watch this!
How could this not be a 'happily-ever-after'!!

A (very) little bit of retail therapy.......

Whenever I go back to Dorset, there is one shop
I have to visit.

It's called Magpie.
(this isn't a great website - but at least you'd know where to find
it if you wanted to visit!)

It is in Poundbury, the controversial brain-child of the Prince
of Wales.
(differing opinions to be found here and here)

They have a wonderful selection of gifts and cards. I often
buy tins there or cards or just something that takes
my fancy.
Do you want to see what took my fancy this time?
Thought you might!!

First, I bought a case for my camera. I have to admit that my
lovely camera has been living in the plain, black sock
that came with it free!! I know, shocking. I had
planned to make one but it just hadn't happened yet.
Now I don't need to feel ashamed, because the wonderful
Cath Kidston has done it for me (and all for just £8!)

Lastly, I thought the boys might like these when we
next make cakes!

If you saw the shop, you'd know how restrained I was!
Mind you, I am planning my next trip!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Tis the season.....

...for going to the seaside!

The boys and I have just got back from a few days in Weymouth,
staying with Nanna and Grandad.
The weather wasn't brilliant - like the rest of the UK - but
we managed a good beach day on Saturday!

With the obligatory burying of one brother by the other!