Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Something to make you smile.....

You must watch this!
How could this not be a 'happily-ever-after'!!

A (very) little bit of retail therapy.......

Whenever I go back to Dorset, there is one shop
I have to visit.

It's called Magpie.
(this isn't a great website - but at least you'd know where to find
it if you wanted to visit!)

It is in Poundbury, the controversial brain-child of the Prince
of Wales.
(differing opinions to be found here and here)

They have a wonderful selection of gifts and cards. I often
buy tins there or cards or just something that takes
my fancy.
Do you want to see what took my fancy this time?
Thought you might!!

First, I bought a case for my camera. I have to admit that my
lovely camera has been living in the plain, black sock
that came with it free!! I know, shocking. I had
planned to make one but it just hadn't happened yet.
Now I don't need to feel ashamed, because the wonderful
Cath Kidston has done it for me (and all for just £8!)

Lastly, I thought the boys might like these when we
next make cakes!

If you saw the shop, you'd know how restrained I was!
Mind you, I am planning my next trip!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Tis the season.....

...for going to the seaside!

The boys and I have just got back from a few days in Weymouth,
staying with Nanna and Grandad.
The weather wasn't brilliant - like the rest of the UK - but
we managed a good beach day on Saturday!

With the obligatory burying of one brother by the other!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Teacher pressies.....

These are bookmarks that I made from no2 son's drawings
to give to his playgroup leaders tomorrow when he leaves.

Based on these made by Soulemama and featured in her new book,
which I am happily waiting to be delivered to my home
when it is published soon!

Cheated a bit on the embroidery, though!
No time!
(And not much inclination!!)
I do wish I didn't leave this sort of thing
to the last minute, so I could enjoy the process more!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I think I might have a problem.......

No matter how determined I am at the start of each month,
I always end up with a pile of magazines by the end of the month!!!
Mind you, I am in good company!

And, after all, who could resist!!

Well, obviously not me!!!!

Monday, 13 July 2009

The end has come .......

I love my husband all year round, obviously, but he has
a special place in our hearts around June and July!!

This is when the pea harvest comes in!

None of them ever make it to the pot - it seems a waste
to cook them when they taste so wonderful
just raw and straight from the pod.

Unfortunately, we have now come to the end of a particularly
good year.
Excuse us while we grieve just a little.......

Friday, 3 July 2009

This week we have been ....

cooling off with water fights .....

scuffing elbows...

(no2 son insists I photogragh any baddie he can't see!)

getting ready for school in September ....

(this was the picture of himself that no2 son took on his reception class visit this week)

enjoying garden produce......

and garden visitors.....

(ok, these are not enjoyed by my gardening husband!)

and the school fair cake stall.

Hope you've enjoyed your week, too!