Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A (very) little bit of retail therapy.......

Whenever I go back to Dorset, there is one shop
I have to visit.

It's called Magpie.
(this isn't a great website - but at least you'd know where to find
it if you wanted to visit!)

It is in Poundbury, the controversial brain-child of the Prince
of Wales.
(differing opinions to be found here and here)

They have a wonderful selection of gifts and cards. I often
buy tins there or cards or just something that takes
my fancy.
Do you want to see what took my fancy this time?
Thought you might!!

First, I bought a case for my camera. I have to admit that my
lovely camera has been living in the plain, black sock
that came with it free!! I know, shocking. I had
planned to make one but it just hadn't happened yet.
Now I don't need to feel ashamed, because the wonderful
Cath Kidston has done it for me (and all for just £8!)

Lastly, I thought the boys might like these when we
next make cakes!

If you saw the shop, you'd know how restrained I was!
Mind you, I am planning my next trip!

1 comment:

Ali said...

Hey, snap on the skull cake cases - my Mum brought us some the last time she visited!