Monday, 13 July 2009

The end has come .......

I love my husband all year round, obviously, but he has
a special place in our hearts around June and July!!

This is when the pea harvest comes in!

None of them ever make it to the pot - it seems a waste
to cook them when they taste so wonderful
just raw and straight from the pod.

Unfortunately, we have now come to the end of a particularly
good year.
Excuse us while we grieve just a little.......


Jen M said...

It's not too late for the next batch! Last year we only started planting anything at the end of June and still got some peas and carrots and other bits.

Ali said...

Peas! Yum.

My husband is especially popular at the start of Autumn when the ginormous spiders come into the house and the mice try to invade the garage.

Karen J said...

Thanks for the tip Jen!

Ali, can I borrow your husband in the autumn, please?